NONIN Soft Sensor, Series 8000S small (S)


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NONIN Soft Sensor, Series 8000S

This NONIN Soft Sensor from the 8000S series offers complete flexibility and outstanding wearer comfort. The latex-free SpO2 sensor is made of strong silicone and operates with the proven PureLight technology and PureSAT signal processing. NONIN Soft-Sensor is available in 3 sizes for adults and children.

Product details

NONIN Soft Sensor
Made of robust silicone material
Conforms with all applicable standards and quality requirements
Suitable for short-term and long-term monitoring
Secure, comfortable fit
Fits on fingers or toes
With PureLight technology
PureSAT signal processing
Consistent measuring results even under difficult conditions (e.g. low perfusion, restless patient)
Even pressure distribution on finger
1 reusable SpO2 sensor
Cable length: 1m

The NONIN Soft-Sensor is available in the following sizes:

L (digit thickness: 12.5mm to 25.5mm) Application points: fingers, toes
M (digit thickness: 10mm to 19mm) Application points: fingers, toes
S (digit thickness: 7.5mm to 12.5mm) Application points: fingers, toes

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