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The new FullLife mask by Respironics: Minimal contact Full Face Mask.

The FullLife full-face mask was designed specifically to provide a practical option for those patients who need the performance of a full-face mask but prefer a more compact and less intrusive mask.

The FullLife relies on a soft full-face cushion and a sure seal technology (SST) flap that gently seals around the nose and mouth of the patient. The cushion seal is supported by the chin support band and, to a lesser extent, the nose. By using the chin to support the mask seal, the FullLife reduces the pressure on the lower lip and nasal area, thereby giving a comfortable yet stable cushion support.

No Forehead Assembly:

Unlike most full-face mask products that use a forehead pad and arm, the FullLife relies on a chin support band to provide a soft foundation for the seal and to eliminate unnecessary nasal bridge irritation, pressure, or pulling. FullLife does not use a forehead pad or arm, which enables the patient to have a clear line of sight.

A Quiet Full Face Mask:

The exhalation ports located on front of the cushion make the FullLife exceptionally quiet. The ports are specifically designed to disperse air for a quiet flow of exhalation.

Will this Mask work with my CPAP or Bipap?

The FullLife can be used with all Respironics devices, and will also work with many other manufacturers such as Resemd, Fisher & Paykel, and Puritan Bennett

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